What makes Synergy Low Temperature Baseboard different from my current baseboard?

Synergy baseboard is specially designed for use with today's modulating condensing boilers.  Synergy baseboard provides increased outputs over standard baseboard using reduced supply water temperatures.  Reducing supply and return water temperatures to levels consistent with condensing boilers allows hydronic heating systems to perform at their peak. 

Standard baseboard installations use 180º supply water which puts even the highest efficiency condensing boilers in the mid to upper 80% for performance efficiencies. 

Lowering the supply water temperature to 140º while still providing similar outputs allows boilers to operate at their maximum condensing efficiencies of over 92% saving considerable energy dollars and maximizing your investment.   

Are there any special considerations to be aware of when installing Synergy Low Temperature Baseboard?

Absolutely not.  Synergy Low Temperature Baseboard is designed to be installed just like traditional baseboard.  No extra piping, no special tools...nothing extra.

Please see our brief installation video for our Elegance Baseboard as a reference.

DesignLine recommends that all of our high efficiency products be installed by a licensed professional.     

Synergy Low Temperature Baseboard or Radiant?

Synergy Low Temperature Baseboard offers the benefits of radiant flooring and ceilings at a fraction of the cost. 

Synergy allows full utilization of your modulating condensing boiler with a much simpler install.  No major renovations, no floors to tear up, no ceilings to patch...just a simple aesthetically pleasing wall installation and you will see the energy savings in increased boiler performance immediately.    

Is Elegance Baseboard really that durable?

Absolutely.  Elegance Baseboard is engineered specifically for durability while keeping a truly attractive appearance.  Made of corrosion resistant extruded aluminum Elegance Baseboard is rustproof and essentially bullet proof.  

Elegance Baseboard can withstand the weight of a 150lb man standing on top of it! 

Simply put...Elegance Baseboard is the perfect product for all high traffic areas, especially bathrooms and kitchens.  Buy it once and never worry about damaged enclosures; or the sanding/repainting of bathroom units ever again. 

Can I purchase DesignLine's high efficiency offerings online?

Only the Elegance Baseboard is available for purchase through our website. 

All other products are solely distributed through HVAC contractors and distributors nationally.

DesignLine recommends that all of its high efficiency products be installed by licensed HVAC professionals.