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Synergy, low temperature high efficiency baseboard radiation by DesignLine picks up where traditional hot water baseboard radiation systems leave off, as it's specifically engineered to work with today's high efficiency modulating boilers. Synergy's low temperature element design and standard hydronic finned tube construction allow fully condensing and modulating boilers to operate at their maximum potential. The result is an overall improvement to system efficiency and energy savings, as well as uniform heat throughout the space.

Synergy's unique element design and standard hydronic finned tube offers building owners application flexibility, working equally as well with standard or high output systems as it does with fully condensing and modulating boilers. With a traditional design, 18-gauge steel construction, and white baked enamel finish, Synergy is both stylish and durable, making it ideal for both residential and light commercial settings. And its simple installation, temperature regulation, and even heat distribution make it a cost effective alternative to radiant floor and ceiling solutions.

Synergy Hot Water Baseboard Radiatior

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